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I picked up my first camera at aged eleven, and was instantly addicted to photography, both stills and movie.

Over the years I’ve explored the photographic spectrum.  I enjoyed the challenges of cinematography and even produced a fair few international award winning independent movies, but the long timescale involved to complete each big project did become a source of frustration!

I therefore turned to stills (for more rapid gratification!)  concentrating on honing my skills to become the best stills photographer I could be.  I’ve long ago learned that, no matter what one’s skill level, there is always more to learn and grow.  I developed a retro pinup style, which has been in demand over the years by rockabilly and vintage clothing designers. I’ve dabbled in wildlife photography, but have realised that my true passion is portraiture. I just love capturing people... which brings us to this site!

The essence of successful headshots is to capture genuine expressions, personality, confidence and humour to produce an image that is not just a likeness of you, but says something more. The viewer needs to feel that they would like to know you…so it needs to capture your character.


There are many ways to get people to relax and my goal is to get a natural expression, rather than a ‘posed’ one!   Photo sessions always  begin with a cup of tea and a chat so I can get to know a bit about is so much easier taking pictures of friends! 

Once in the studio you can feel totally confident as I guide you every step of the way.  The more you enjoy yourself, the more relaxed you will feel and the better the end result.

Why your professional headshot is so important

People visiting your website or other social media will look at your picture first.  If your portrait inspires confidence and approachability they will likely read on further.  You only get the one chance to make a first impression – make it count!

A memorable headshot will make your profile stand out – being remembered by a potential client gives you an instant headstart!

In a sea of social media mobile phone snapshots, a professional headshot will lift you above the crowd.  It will indicate that you take yourself seriously…so they will take you seriously too.

Actors need headshots, business people need headshots, social media influencers, CEOs, in fact anyone who needs to make a positive initial impression needs a professional headshot.

When I am not in the studio with my camera I will likely be found in some remote part of the globe getting up close and personal with wildlife, or capturing weather-beaten faces of tribes people.   It is so true that if you love what you do you will “never work a day in your life’!

Do get in touch to start making your headshot count!